can you feel the Drift?

the Pushing, the Pulling

the Attraction, the Repulsion

back and forth we go

but i still feel the Drift,

i can still see the Drift.


your mind seems thousands of miles away, even as you sit on this bench next to me.

Faraway places,


you’re slipping out of my reach-

i should have seen it coming


after all, this is the Drift

a Desolate Grey Area

a Faraway Galaxy

a place for Broken relationships,

and Lonely souls.

Wounded hearts,

and Forgotten Friends.

here you find all our Broken pieces,

Tainted souls and Tragic stories.


come find me at the Drift.

come and save me.

come and mend what we have had…


i pick up broken shards frantically, trying to salvage what’s left

My hands bleed,

My heart cries,

My head screams.

blood pours from wounds,


and new.

Stinging Searing Pain,

but anything for you.

anything to leave the Drift.

but i know,

we’ll never have what we had before.

not with these new scars and blood stains

not after the Drift.

not now,


not ever.

I’ve come to a couple realizations with myself recently, and a lot of it has to do with letting go and coming to terms with the reality of things. Friendships break, and people drift apart. That’s just how it is. And I think I’m finally over feeling sorry for myself, and harboring feelings of jealousy or resentment (ugh I sound like such a terrible person). But I get it. And, I mean, friendships are a two way street, and that makes me just as much to “blame”. So, instead of continuing to be a hypocrite, I guess I’m kinda calling myself out here hahaha. Plus, I’ve got new friendships and so many beautiful people I’m proud to call my friends. And, I think its time that I start focusing on what I have, rather than what I had.  (Wow, this feels really good to get off my chest) Well, if you’ve made it this far, thank you :)) Hope everyone’s having a great week! (It’s officially summer! woohoo!)

– Zafire


(n.) the fear of forgetting,  being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced


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